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Abstract Painting: Cityscape

Latest in the ‘Metropolis’ series is this painting, as yet unnamed semi abstract cityscape.

• 90x60cm oil, acrylic & sharpie on canvas.

•Available mid/lat Feb 2016

Watch the video if you’d like to see the time lapsed process of how it all came together.


Abstract Landscape Art

Here’s a look at some recent work I’ve been doing on an abstract oil painting, a few stills and a quick time lapse video. It’s the latest from the ‘Metropolis’ collection. I’m going to do another small oil similar to this one then we will take the same palette and style and start work on some large abstract canvases. Really enjoying filming these paintings and I’m excited to see where we’ll be heading with them in the future. I need to start thinking beyond time lapses though…

I actually thought this abstract painting was destined for the scrap heap. You’ll see from the video that it was going ok, but at the end I just thought that it wasn’t up to scratch. The values were all wrong and it basically was just bugging me…So I spent another session on it and think I just about turned it around in the end. Abstract painting saved…just!


‘Metropolis II’ – Time Lapse

Time lapse film of recent painting ‘Metropolis II’ 20x20cm sharpie, acrylic & oil on canvas.

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Abstract landscape Painting

Another new painting to start the year with. Adding to the abstract and colourful ‘Metropolis’ collection.

‘Metropolis II’

oil, acrylic & sharpie on canvas


‘Metropolis’ Movie

Here’s a quick look at my painting ‘Metropolis’ up close and personal.



‘Metropolis’ Oil and Sharpie on canvas.

A new year brings new creative thoughts and a new direction. Here’s a little insight into a new oil study I did this week, it’s actually oil and sharpie on canvas and is only a small piece at 20x20cm.

I’m liking the energy and colouration of this a lot, start of a new collection for 2016.

‘Bath City’ Art

I thought I’d share a recent oil painting commission of Bath City with you that I finished recently. Had a real challenge getting in all the detail but still keeping it ‘loose’, got there in the end. I find these commissions force me to try new ideas and techniques that perhaps I wouldn’t normally take on. I know quite a few artists that aren’t too keen on doing commissions, but I have to say that although they aren’t always exactly in my style and can be downright daunting sometimes, I usually come away feeling like a little bit more of an accomplished artist purely because they’ve forced me from my comfort zone, well at least until the next one comes along!

I had planned to do some step-by-step images to accompany this post but as usual, I got so engrossed in the painting that photography goes straight out of the window. Maybe next time…

Bath City Art

If you’d like any further information about commissions then don’t hesitate to contact me

YouTube Channel…

Here’s a first quick vid on my  YouTube channel..


I will be adding more time lapse movies of how I produce some of my paintings and some behind the scenes footage from the studio, exhibitions etc

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