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Mixing Oil Paints

Just uploaded this short promo film to my Youtube channel. A quick look at the paints and palette I used for my current collection of abstracts and landscapes in the ‘Pink and Green’ series.

Available from my Etsy art gallery more works coming soon…

Giclee Prints

I’ve just added some Limited Edition Prints to my Etsy Shop 










Giclee print on high quality fine art paper, cream mount and back board.

• Limited Edition Fine Art Print

• High quality fine art paper

• Ready to frame

• Matte Finish

• Protective Sealed Cellophane Wrap

• Signed and numbered on the back.


I’m in the process of getting a new run of prints together for some of my 2016 works.  I’ll let you know when they are available…


In the meantime please visit and follow my Etsy shop to keep up to date!



A Time Lapse Video – ‘Abstract Pink Green 4’

Here’s a new time lapse film I recently added to my Youtube channel, a look at the techniques and processes I use when creating my painting ‘Abstract Pink and Green 4’.

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Oils and Spray Paint

Here is a brief glimpse into how I’m going about creating my latest collection of abstracts, it’s a fairly drawn out process with different paints being added in stages to enable drying between each layer. Firstly a light grey acrylic wash is applied to the primed canvases, after drying, spray paint is applied to roughly map out the composition and to get a feel for colour and tones to come. Then once they have dried the ‘proper’ painting is done with oils, to embellish and enhance the original spray paint. Sometimes the oils take over and cover the entire canvas, but I’m mostly looking for areas where the spray and acrylic will peek through to add depth and contrast.

Lots more new works are on their way now that I’ve moved into a new studio and things are settling in well!

dan wellington art

‘Abstract Pink & Green 1’ 20x20cm oil and spray paint on canvas £125

Abstract Etsy Shop

dan wellington art etsy

Etsy Shop

Just a quick post to let you know I now have an Etsy shop for my abstract paintings you can view it in the link above.

I’ll be adding new works regularly and will also be looking to add some limited edition prints to the shop in the near future. It’s been really interesting exploring a new and fresh approach to my work and I’d love to know what you think – leave a comment below! 🙂

I hope you have a happy Easter and the sun is shining wherever you are!



Abstract Paintings

I felt the need to have a change of pace in the studio, I think I was getting a bit stale from painting all those landscapes, clouds and city lights. I just needed to paint something entirely different. I’ve dabbled a bit with abstracts in the past but now seemed like a good time to step it up a bit and work on some small oil studies. If these went ok then I would think about doing a series of larger paintings later in the year. I wanted to remove myself from my usual approach and palette, so I went for some pastel shades and a style that would challenge my thinking. Here’s how they turned out…

dan wellington art dan wellington art dan wellington art

The results are pretty good I think, I’m happy for the most part with the tones and values. It marks an interesting new chapter in my art career and should help me become a better painter in the long run. Time will tell!

Painting A Dramatic Sunset

Here’s a new video for my Youtube channel. A remake of my 2014 landscape painting ‘The Harbour, Cornwall’ that was recently commissioned.

dan wellington artist Dan Wellington Artist

Abstract Studies

Here’s a quick look at some new works for this week. A few small abstract studies, limited palettes of green and pink. Brings back memories of my childhood trips to Ireland and drinking pink lemonade for the first time!

dan wellington artdan wellington art

Abstract Painting: Cityscape

Latest in the ‘Metropolis’ series is this painting, as yet unnamed semi abstract cityscape.

• 90x60cm oil, acrylic & sharpie on canvas.

•Available mid/lat Feb 2016

Watch the video if you’d like to see the time lapsed process of how it all came together.


Abstract Landscape Art

Here’s a look at some recent work I’ve been doing on an abstract oil painting, a few stills and a quick time lapse video. It’s the latest from the ‘Metropolis’ collection. I’m going to do another small oil similar to this one then we will take the same palette and style and start work on some large abstract canvases. Really enjoying filming these paintings and I’m excited to see where we’ll be heading with them in the future. I need to start thinking beyond time lapses though…

I actually thought this abstract painting was destined for the scrap heap. You’ll see from the video that it was going ok, but at the end I just thought that it wasn’t up to scratch. The values were all wrong and it basically was just bugging me…So I spent another session on it and think I just about turned it around in the end. Abstract painting saved…just!