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Painting A Dramatic Sunset

Here’s a new video for my Youtube channel. A remake of my 2014 landscape painting ‘The Harbour, Cornwall’ that was recently commissioned.

dan wellington artist Dan Wellington Artist

‘Bath City’ Art

I thought I’d share a recent oil painting commission of Bath City with you that I finished recently. Had a real challenge getting in all the detail but still keeping it ‘loose’, got there in the end. I find these commissions force me to try new ideas and techniques that perhaps I wouldn’t normally take on. I know quite a few artists that aren’t too keen on doing commissions, but I have to say that although they aren’t always exactly in my style and can be downright daunting sometimes, I usually come away feeling like a little bit more of an accomplished artist purely because they’ve forced me from my comfort zone, well at least until the next one comes along!

I had planned to do some step-by-step images to accompany this post but as usual, I got so engrossed in the painting that photography goes straight out of the window. Maybe next time…

Bath City Art

If you’d like any further information about commissions then don’t hesitate to contact me

A Recent Commission…

sketch No. 3




Here’s a quick insight into how I started a recent commission.

Thinned raw umber is used to sketch out the perspective and general mapping of the composition.







I worked from photos I took on site to complete the detail, most of the photo was obstructed by the large apple tree, so a bit of artistic pruning has taken place!

Happy client, so I’m off to the framers.

It’s been a busy summer, but now it’s time to go back into the studio for some autumnal creativity…


No. 3