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New Oil Paintings October 2014

I’ve managed to squeeze in a bit of time at the easel this month, so far the resulting paintings being two landscapes and (for me) a rare abstract. I have to admit I enjoy painting the landscapes a tad more than the abstracts, although I’m looking more and more at adding small amounts of abstraction into my art. Low light levels at dawn and dusk are times when nature can play tricks with the eye, looking across a harbour or deserted beach at these times of day, with the light reflecting over the exposed mudflats can appear very abstract and it’s these odd and subtle tricks of the light that I’m trying to capture in these latest landscapes.

'Holkham Sky' 2014 40x40cm

‘Holkham Sky’ 2014 40x40cm

'The Harbour, Cornwall' 2014 35x25cm

‘The Harbour, Cornwall’ 2014 35x25cm

'Abstract Clouds' 2014 40x40cm

‘Abstract Clouds’ 2014 40x40cm

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